The Interviews

The following interviews were conducted during 2013 and 2014. They vary quite markedly in length and were mostly done in and around the LAMP venue with the exception of Jabba Cartel which was held in Victoria Park, Leamington Spa, Mark “Billy” Warnes in my flat and Legzee in a bar in Stroud, Gloucestershire. As a set they represent the breadth of the book and I tried my best to make them open-ended so though there is structure I like to think they flow as conversations touching on the real essence of these artists work.

Richard Proffitt and I set about editing these sound files in April 2015. Being a laborious process we attempted to transcribe these interviews over a period of a couple of months and we are happy with the outcome, such was the long-winded nature of the process. We hope you enjoy them!

Space Siren Interview :: 10.22

“Layered guitars and a sweet succulent voice pull you in and spit you out – gently. Indie foursome Space Siren is moody without being too heavy, and catchy without being too poppy… They have that forward drive every band should have: the sound of needing to make music, not just wanting to.”


Attila the Stockbroker Interview :: 30.28

John Baine, better known by his stage name Attila the Stockbroker, is a punk poet, and a folk punk musician and songwriter. He performs solo and as the leader of the band Barnstormer. He describes himself as a “sharp tongued, high energy social surrealist poet and songwriter.”


Jabba’s Cartel Interview :: 27.10

‘Intriguing dance/world/classical band Jabba’s Cartel mix an uncanny blend of acoustic drum and bass trip-hop latin folk Cuban techno rhythms which are assured to get your molecules grooving’. More telling than that is a line I overheard from an audience member at a gig recently; ‘Jabba’s Cartel isn’t strictly a band, it’s a way of life’


Jackdaw with Crowbar Interview :: 28.28

Timothy Ellis | Adam Sindall | Fergus Durrant

The group were pioneers in the field of multi projection film montage as performance with live music in the eighties and early nineties. “Back then we had a group of up to eight musicians and three projectionist film makers, we were entirely analogue… This time round three of us are using modern technology to create a new set of material.


Mark “Billy” Warnes Interview :: 52.36

“…Ratty who was a pretty good DJ himself I could see ratty and hear ratty at close range at parties done locally he used to do Bath Place and the side of the Regent hotel there was a back room of the the cork and fork we used to have raves there – quite a small room used to get really sweaty on the walls and the ceiling you know…”


Stiff Little Fingers Interview :: 25.14

Jake Burns

Stiff Little Fingers
Stiff Little Fingers are a punk band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, formed in 1977. They started out as a schoolboy band called Highway Star (named after the Deep Purple song), doing rock covers, until they discovered punk. In 1983 they split up after six years and four albums, although they reformed four years later, in 1987. Despite major personnel changes, they are still touring and recording as of 2011.


Funki Porcini Interview :: 44.09

James Braddell

Funki Porcini is musician and film maker, James Braddell, from England. His music is a combination of Downtempo, Breakbeat and Jazz with elements of Hip hop, Drum and bass, sampling and time-stretched vocals. The name “Funki Porcini” is a twist on “Funghi Porcini”, the Italian name of the mushroom Boletus edulis, commonly known as “penny bun”.


Satsangi Interview ::

Sue Menon & Johnny Herbert

Satsangi hail from Kerala in India and the U.K., blending rock ‘n’ roll and punk riffs to trippy Sanskrit vibes. “Charged by guitar romp and fiery vocals, the sound is fresh, crisp and aggressive.” – Rolling Stone


Legzee Interview

Martin ‘Legzee’ Hill

‘Legzee’ interview: Part 01

‘Legzee’ interview: Part 02


Arnold de Boer Interview :: 23.21

Zea & The Ex

“…when you make music you get people dancing but for me its also I also like the fact that with words with lyrics but also with music yourself you can put in some ideas that really makes people go like what the fuck was this? Why? Why? Huh? This sort of surprise and curiosity that you can create something you can do it with the beat with sounds with melody and with words that’s something I really like to do on different levels…”


The Rosenberg Appeal Interview :: 19.01

Dan Dyson | Pip Burley

“The Rosenberg Appeal is a thought-provoking, dance-provoking three piece that combines the sincere and the sarcastic to create a refreshing take on Art Rock. The sound is made up of driven piano melodies, provocative sing/talk vocals and rhythmic drums, each competing for prominence, but balancing each other out.”


Mark Yakes Interview ::

Poet & Tenor/Bass Guitar Musician


Dark Houdini :: 32.41

Jarred Allison

“Dark Houdini are a 3-piece rock n’ roll grunge band from the West Midlands. We combine big dirty guitars, the muddiest bass and raw, powerful beats to bring you into our crazy world. Hold on…#GetDark”