The Book

As I have already mentioned in the blog section the idea behind this book came when a friend suggested that considering my knowledge of punk/new wave that maybe I should have a go at writing a book on the subject. That was nearly 3 years ago and though there have been difficulties with my health at times I have tried to pull the whole thing together into some meaningful order. I cover quite a lot of ground from the sixties to the present day and, hopefully provide an insight into the more unconventional side of music and culture.

In many ways it is an autobiographical work as I talk of the music that has influenced me and shaped the way I see the world. Without the music life would have been far harsher and so with it life has been a much richer experience altogether. The aim of the book is to demonstrate not only how all my listening has affected my perceptions on life but as a way of celebrating what we have in terms of a movement countering conformity and celebrating difference.

With the 1980`s global emphasis on mass consumerism as being good and desirable any sentient human could not fail to notice plastic acts in the Stock, Aitken and Waterman stable and the most offensive of all and most vile, Milli Vanilli. I recall Frank Zappa referred to them as the “death knell of modern popular music”. And so they were with their costume anti-humour and even cheaper grins to prove it. The mainstream reflected itself. I perceive them as vacuous, profit driven and profoundly ugly. May be I am partisan but Linton Kwesi Johnson was always far more preferable to the above and continues to hold me against the valueless nature of the MTV people and their free market principles.

There are a few interviews which were put together remotely such as Toby Barelli of KIng Size Slim (former guitar player in the Selector), my cousin Eddie McEwan from Parmeston North, New Zealand and the prolific Dutch sound poet, Jaap Blonk who kindly gave me a question and answer interview from his native country. In the main the book is a discussion on a wide variety of sounds and includes many experiences I had at gigs and following music spanning a period of over 30 years. Though not entirely complete, I envisage this will happen by spring/summer 2016 and I look forward to releasing the work on this site.